All gymnasts must be registered online via the link below to become a member, providing us with the gymnast's personal information, their parent's/ guardian's contact details and any medical or injury information we are required to have knowledge of.

All fees are set up online and payment requests are sent out on the 1st of every month for the month in advance. Parents/ Guardians are to ensure fees are paid by the 10th of each month to ensure your child maintains their place within the Academy. 

All gymnasts are also required to pay Regional Affiliation and Academy Membership at the cost of £10.00 regardless of when a gymnast joins throughout the year.


All gymnasts are required to process British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance before they are allowed to train at any Gymnastics Club. For the insurance year October 2019 - September 2020, parents will be required to obtain and pay for this insurance directly through the British Gymnastics website. We will then check to ensure each gymnast is fully insured before they commence training. 


The price of British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance is set and governed by British Gymnastics. 



Membership & Affiliation (Paid to the Academy) : £10.00

British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance (Paid directly to British Gymnastics) : £19.00


£19.00 - British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance - Paid directly to BG

£10.00 - Academy Membership and Registration with the Eastern Region