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Membership and Insurance

In most cases, children must firstly join one of our waiting lists or if a class currently has a place available, you can book a child in for a trial straight away. After trial, if a space is accepted, every gymnast is required to have British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance, Eastern Region Affiliation and Club Membership, all of which are renewed annually.

All children must be registered on our booking system and it is the parents responsibility to ensure they keep all contact and medical information up to date.


 British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance

Every gymnast who is registered and training at our club is required to hold up to date British Gymnastics Membership and Insurance which is renewed yearly. This is payable directly to British Gymnastics, the cost for recreational gymnasts is 

currently £22.00 per year.

Clicking their image above will take you to British Gymnastics - join/ renew page .



 Club Membership and Eastern Region Affiliation

Every gymnasts registered and training at our club is also required to pay £20.00 per year, for Club membership and Eastern Region Affiliation. This is added to your first months fees upon joining or added to your September fees each year when renewing. 

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